The largest and most innovative beverage can supplier across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, we produce aluminium beverage cans, tabs and ends, supported by a powerful suite of enhancements. Collaborating with our customers to grow consumer brands means exploring diverse needs and discovering exciting opportunities. Our state-of-the-art design and print capabilities provide customisable finishes that will bring your brand to life.

To meet the varied needs of our customers, Orora manufactures many different aluminium can sizes across three primary diameters of Classic, Sleek and Slim, with each style available in multiple volume options.

Can ends are designed to deliver a quality seal and provide ease of opening for the consumer, while also enabling an enjoyable drinking experience. The ring-pull feature is easy to open yet secure enough to sustain the internal pressure of carbonated beverages. The result is a safe, tamper-evident product that comes in two common sizes of 50mm and 52mm. To help communicate with your consumer you can emboss text or a symbol onto a can tab which can complement a similar decoration or branding used elsewhere on the can.

Incising is similar to embossing, yet with the text or symbol etched into the surface of the tab. High definition laser incised tabs are available in a variety of colours. We can also incise the underside of the tab for unique consumer promotions. This innovative can end enables the entire lid to be removed from the can.

Simply pull the ring tab and you can tear away the whole end of the can for a completely different experience, with no need for separate glassware. Equipped with laser plate generation technology and all the latest decoration techniques, we explore sophisticated printing technologies and can enhancements, testing solutions as well as new ideas to support our customers.

Our capabilities include:. Back to What We Do. What We Do Aluminium cans. Yes, we can.

Resealable Soda Can Cap

Aluminum cans Range of cans — style and size. Aluminum cans Can ends range. Aluminum cans Resealable ends. Aluminum cans Printing and Decorations. Our capabilities include: Tactile inks that deliver textural variation to create an additional sensory experience. Matt over-varnish for a unique, softer appearance. Fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark ink.

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High quality printing using digital plate technology.It's a perennial problem for lovers of fizzy drinks. You've snapped open the ring pull and had a few slurps. Seal of approval: The new can can be shut by twisting the plastic tab by degrees.

resealable soda can

The revolutionary design will allow consumers to reseal their fizzy drink after it has been opened, a development which could signal the end for traditional ring-pull cans. Drinkers simply twist a plastic tab degrees to break the seal and open the can, and twist it back to its original position to reseal their drink. American sportswear brand No Fear is to use the new can design when it launches a drink for sportsmen, Extreme Energy, in April.

It will be sold in ml cans instead of the usual ml size. But the plastic seal is likely to make the cans more expensive to manufacture. Spokesman Neal Haworth said: 'The resealable technology allows people to drink the amount they want, when they want it.

resealable soda can

It's such a logical step for canned energy drinks. More than five billion aluminium cans are used in the UK each year and, if successful, the device could be used for other fizzy drinks.

Resealable cans have proved popular in the U. Drinks iant Coca-Cola used a resealable design when it launched its energy drink in France. It tried out a similar design in the Channel Islands, but said it had no plans to introduce the cans in the UK. The first canned drinks had to be opened by punching holes into the lid with a sharp metal implement nicknamed a 'church key'. Canadian Mikola Kondakow reportedly invented the ring-pull inbut there were complaints that the detachable ring-pulls led to injuries and an increase in litter.

The system of a scored lid, with a pull-tab used as a lever to punch a hole to open the can, remains the most widely used drinks can in the world.

Soda Seal -- Resealable can with advertising.

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This timeline chronicles the popular drink from its creation when it was touted as a health drink to rising concerns that soda—sweetened naturally or artificially—is a contributing factor to a growing health crisis. Strictly speaking, carbonated beverages in the form of beer and champagne have been around for centuries. Carbonated drinks that don't pack an alcoholic punch have a shorter history.

By the 17th century, Parisian street vendors were selling a noncarbonated version of lemonade, and cider certainly wasn't all that hard to come by but the first drinkable man-made glass of carbonated water wasn't invented until the s. Natural mineral waters have been thought to have curative powers since Roman times. Pioneering soft-drink inventors, hoping to reproduce those health-enhancing qualities in the laboratory, used chalk and acid to carbonate water. No one knows exactly when or by whom flavorings and sweeteners were first added to seltzer but mixtures of wine and carbonated water became popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

By the s, flavored syrups made from berries and fruit were developed, and bya supplier was advertising different seltzers flavored with pineapple, orange, lemon, apple, pear, plum, peach, apricot, grape, cherry, black cherry, strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry, pear, and melon.

But perhaps the most significant innovation in the realm of soda flavoring came inwhen J.

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Pemberton, using a combination of kola nut from Africa and cocaine from South America, created the iconic taste of Coca-Cola. The soft drink industry expanded rapidly. Bythere were plants bottling soft drink water in the United States. Bythere wereand bythere were 2, different plants.

The temperance movement in the United States and Great Britain is credited with spurring the success and popularity of carbonated beverages, which were seen as wholesome alternatives to alcohol. Pharmacies serving soft drinks were respectable, bars selling alcohol were not. InCoca-Cola sold 9, gallons of its flavored syrup. Bythe figure had risen to one million gallons of Coca-Cola syrup sold annually.

The latter half of the 20th century saw extensive development in the production methodology for the manufacture of carbonated beverages, with particular emphasis on bottles and bottle caps. Soda pop's negative impact on health issues was recognized as early ashowever, the controversy did not hit critical proportions until the close of the 20th century. Concerns grew as links between soda consumption and conditions such as tooth decayobesity, and diabetes were confirmed.

Consumers railed against soft drink companies' commercial exploitation of children.Even maybe even especially when you are strapped for cash, you probably stock up on canned foods every month.

What do you do with the cans when you are done cooking, though? You probably throw them right into the recycling bin. Maybe you wait a while to accumulate a bunch before you chuck them out, or maybe you toss them every week. Either way, you are parting ways with a valuable craft supply. Seriously, you are just not going to believe all of the things you can create using tin cans and other simple and cheap craft supplies! But then I ran a few searches online and I stumbled across a ton of equally amazing ideas.

Some of them are useful, like toys for your kids, vases for plants, or lights. There is even a project for a working camera that you can shoot real pictures with—made out of a tin can!

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How completely awesome is that? Check it out for yourself. Previously I shared the tin can votive project which included the Christmas tree and snowflake designs.

This project follows the same idea and you can make it exactly the same way, only instead of pictures, we have letters marked into the cans. I love this idea to set them up once next to the other so that they spell out a word. They would be a great touch at a party or reception. But not many people would think to use tin cans! These cans have been painted a bright, eye-catching red and arranged into a simple, attractive wreath for a fence.

Here is an easy way to recycle a tin can into a lovely candleholder. Just wrap some burlap around it and add some embellishment! This candleholder would look awesome sitting on a banquet table at a wedding reception. Look at these wonderful wind chimes! I just love how bright they are—they would add a splash of color and sunshine to any room. I am amazed at what a perfect job their creator has done coordinating the colors of the beads with the colors on the tin cans.XO is the new, innovative relock system for beverage cans.

Opening the XO-equipped can is an easy, intuitive and one-handed procedure. You'll hear the familiar venting sound of a can — even after re-opening.

The XO System is not only the Relock Revolution for beverage cans, but it also improves the entire drinking experience. This results in a greater and smoother flow rate and pouring speed. The clean surface and the smooth laminar pour provide an unprecedented experience.

The XO System safely contains and preserves the beverage and its carbonation for freshness at a later time.

Coca Cola Energy Drink in Resealable Can

It also protects it from insects, dirt, and spillage. In addition, the exterior XO Slider covers the mouthpiece and seals the freshness inside. The instantly relocked can is leak-proof and the perfect portable solution. To ensure the freshness of the product, it is necessary to indicate to brands, retailers and consumers alike that the beverage can is in its original, untampered delivery condition and has not been previously opened. Cans are successful because they are resistant to various temperatures, pressure and other influence.

This is the challenge we had to meet. We developed a broad test program to meet all the requirements. Within the production process we constantly perform online and offline tests for all steps of the injection and assembly processes. XO Ends are based on industry standard shell platforms. Xolution works with all major Global Can Makers and the customer has the choice of which shell base he wants to use.

There is no limitation in Shell profile or Shell diameter. Revolutionary, yet familiar XO is the new, innovative relock system for beverage cans. Opening — Slide to open Slide to open the mouthpiece and drink.

resealable soda can

Smooth laminar liquid flow The XO System is not only the Relock Revolution for beverage cans, but it also improves the entire drinking experience. The on-the-go solution By pushing the XO Slider back over the mouthpiece and pushing the XO Pull Tab back down, the can is relocked: The reason why we invented the system and call it the Relock Revolution.

Relocking the can: first, move the XO Slider back over the mouthpiece. XO production facilities. During the development of the XO System, an efficient and adaptable production process was the only objective. It was all in one place: injection molding of the plastic parts, debagging and stamping of the shells, assembling and finishing of the final XO End, extensive testing and quality control and packaging of our end product: a fully automatic and standardized process with adaptability to larger capacities of different diameters in defined regions.A cool prank to play on a friend lies in your fridge Get out your Coke or Pepsi can, or any other soda can, and open it up.

Now, wouldn't it be cool if you could close it again, without raising suspicion? This con video will teach you how you can reseal an opened soda can. It's very simple, just watch to see how it's done. There are no special tools needed for this soda can hack. Now, why would you want to do this? Because you can switch the contents of the soda can with a different beverage, that why.

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Just what psychos and terrorists needed to know lol, no more canned pop for me Awsome i replaced it with somma my dads NASTY protein drink stuff and gave it to my friend he was spitting it out and stuff it was priceless!!! Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Sign Up. Dont party w this guy. Why does he need to wear rubber gloves? Standard laboratory procedure. He doesn't want his hands all sticky afterward. Makes sense. His voice and the gloves makes me think he is missing some screws Awesome trick though.

Lolz i love that movie [quote from dog] change it in to moose piss or something. Hey has a hispanic accent I should know, I'm partially hispanic.

Squeaky voice. I think I just got trolled. Bleeding arterial and I can no longer taste colors. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest.Modern beverage cans are markedly different from the first metal drink cans that appeared in the early 20th century. But is it time to update the design again? This clever soda can design would use the familiar pop-tab format, but with a twist: the very top of the can twirls around to cover the opening.

The design keeps your drink safe while providing some very interesting advertising real estate. The design only requires the addition of a disc between the can and the top, the cost of which would be offset by selling advertising space on the disc, according to the inventors.

But the disc could also be used for giveaways or other value-building messages. In addition to being an interesting new place to advertise or place product information, the airtight, gas-tight inner disc has a very beneficial purpose. Gajitz brings you the latest and greatest gadgets, sensational scientific discoveries and innovative new technologies from around the world to educate, entertain and inspire as well as fascinating retro and vintage designs.

resealable soda can

See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. May Latest Articles on Gajitz. Gadgets: Science: Technology: Transport: Vintage:.

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